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The 90x Productivity Planner

A proven system for satisfaction and fulfillment

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Beyond to-do-list – Get More Done

This productivity planner is unique and different from the other planners or journals in the marketplace. Designed with results-oriented users in mind, it geared towards helping you get the best out of your life.

The 90x Productivity Planner
Brings your Vision into Reality Accelerates your Results
Unlocks your True Potential Reprograms your Mind
Increases your Productivity Achieves your Wildest Goals
Keeps You Focused Helps you Stay Organized
Holds You Accountable Tracks Your Progress
Allows You to Beat Procrastination Filters your Opportunities
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Productivity is all about doing the right things better and making it a part of a continuous process.

Peak Productivity FormulaTM =

Purposefulness x Creativity x Prioritization x Efficiency x Persistence

The Productivity Planner incorporates Deji Jemiyo’s peak productivity formula and personal Transformation Framework that is based on scientific research and practical experiences, which is then distilled into a simple daily format that will help you conquer lazy, distracted, and unaccomplished "busy" days.

The quarterly (90-day) format is the most appropriate interval for achieving results. This period is long enough to make meaningful progress, and short enough to stay focused, making you see the end in sight, creating a sense of urgency and achieving quick wins.

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