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The 7 Dimensions of a 7 Star Professional

Achieve Accelerated and Sustained Career Success

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This book was written in response to the many struggles professionals regularly experience at work, in their quest to achieve a satisfying and fulfilling career, and in recognition of the fact that only a handful ever get to realize their full potential at the workplace.

Over the years, there have been divergent views on the underlying secrets that predicate 7-star performance and accelerated career success, with tons of quick-fix solutions and conventional approaches that ultimately fall short in delivering lasting impact.

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The most significant irony is that the stars themselves, struggle on how to elucidate what makes them stand-out from the rest and are unable to properly articulate their evolution process to 7-Stardom.

This book has cracked the code and seeks to simplify the fundamental deployable principles to becoming a 7-Star performer in the workplace.

In this ground-breaking book, Performance Turnaround Expert, Deji Jemiyo, provides the tools, techniques, and strategies required by professionals to reposition themselves at the workplace for quantum leaps in achieving a satisfying and rewarding career.

Briskly paced yet rich in insights, the 7 Dimensions of a 7 Star Professional demystifies the process of consistent high-performance delivery by providing a step-by-step guide throughout your path to becoming a 7-Star professional.

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