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Project Delivery Made Easy

A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Project Management

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Project work is the “new work order” in many organizations, institutions and nations. This is due to an increase in the rate at which changes take place in the economy and world of work. Inadvertently, this has led to an array of challenges and opportunities that could hardly have been imagined in the past.

The only way to change or drive innovation is to tap into the power of project management. Due to the constant need for organizations to change, project management capability (PMC) has now mutated from a non-core functional capability into a core organizational capability in many leading organizations. Since the advent
of the twentieth century, project management has become increasingly fundamental to how organizations operate in today’s business arena.

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Regardless of your discipline, possessing project management competencies is now a “must have” for any professional that wants to remain valuable and competitive.

There are numerous certifications out there that validate your project management knowledge, however, many professionals are faced with constraints combined with the fact that these certification programs are rather time-consuming, theoretical and complex especially for most non-technical professionals.

In Project Delivery Made Easy, Deji Jemiyo, a Project Management Expert has crystallized project management best practices into a simple step-by-step approach that is practical and easy to understand by technical and non-technical professionals. The concepts in this book are applicable to small or large projects alike.

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