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CAFE – A Simple Recipe for Breakthrough Results

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Cracking the code

Over the years, business leaders have been searching for transformative solutions that guarantee consistent high-performance and are capable of consistently delivering breakthrough results. Countless solutions have been proffered, by leading consulting firms and thought-leaders to deal with this business dilemma. Unfortunately, most of these solutions are missing one key ingredient - SIMPLICITY. Majority are unnecessarily complex, with vague or conflicting postulations that are difficult to implement or sustain in today’s agile working environment.

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In CAFE: A Simple Recipe for Breakthrough Results, Deji Jemiyo presents a simple, yet compelling approach, that concisely captures all it takes to consistently deliver breakthrough business results, in a predictable, scalable and sustainable manner.

Delivering breakthrough results is distilled into four disciplines: Clarity of integrated possibilities, Alignment of operating model, Focus on cascaded priorities and Execution of agile action plans. These four disciplines are the key ingredients of the secret formula High Performance organizations deploy to maintain a clear competitive advantage & ensure sustained success over a prolonged period.

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