Book Review: CAFE- A Simple Recipe for Breakthrough Results

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Focus establishes the need for an organisation or department and teams in the organisation to prioritise and concentrate on a particular project or strategy.

The business environment is continually changing. Businesses will have to keep up with the change or get left behind. While managing change, businesses have to define and implement strategies, goals, and objectives to achieve high-performance levels. These strategies, goals, and objectives must secure success for such an organisation for a long time. Unfortunately, many businesses and organisations do not get to achieve long term success due to several reasons. A possible explanation can be being an employee being unable to determine the organisational goals and objectives. A scientific approach called CAFE has been developed to solve these issues.

CAFE stands for clarity, alignment, focus, and execution. It is a detailed process that ensures a business is achieving and maintaining organisational success. Clarity explains the need for an organisation to know and understand its strategy, goals, and objectives. Alignment discusses the importance of linking strategy to operations. Focus establishes the need for an organisation or department and teams in the organisation to prioritise and concentrate on a particular project or strategy. This will enable an increase in effectiveness and efficiency, thereby bringing out desired results. Lastly, execution involves the implementation of a clearly aligned strategy and objectives.

CAFE: A Simple Recipe for Breakthrough Results is the Business part of the Result Series. Readers will understand why a business or organisation has clearly aligned strategies and objectives that are focused on delivering success. The book also explains how the steps are interdependent. Any strategy or objective implemented without being aligned to operational goals or clear will not succeed. To buttress further, diagrams were employed to paint a clearer picture and for understanding. Consequently, an individual who is not familiar with business terms will be able to understand this book.

Another interesting aspect of the book was the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. They were thought-provoking and intriguing at the same time. My favourite quotes were, “It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It is that they can’t see the problem” by Gilbert K. Chesterton and “ Even though you are on the right track — you will get run over if you just sit there” by Will Rogers. These quotes questions comfort and familiarity. However, a reference list is needed at the back of the book for readers who want to research further.

There were several errors I found while reading. Although they were not distracting, it would be best for the book to go for another round of editing. There was no form of profanity and mature content. I would recommend this book to business-driven individuals.

Overall, this informative book offered realistic solutions while ensuring the reader is engaged. For this, I rate CAFE: A Simple Recipe for Breakthrough Results 4 out of 5 stars.

To conclude, I leave you with the purchase links for CAFE and a quote,

“To be continuously successful as a business, your strategy must be clear, aligned with your operations, focused on essential objectives and pristinely executed.”



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