In a bid to achieve results in life, individuals delve into different situations that are sometimes in dissonance with their comfort. How is it that one expects a footballer score mind blowing goals if he feels a pain in his feet because of an undersized boot? The same applies to a plumber who is short staffed in supplies to fix a leak or a water system. According to a 2018 study, only about 28 to 37% of people are actually wearing shoes of the right length and width; hence, this statistic shows that a number of individuals do not even know what the right fit is.  In the same vein, we see that a good number of us do not have the right answers to our career identity, business identity and even personal identity. People would agree to work under unfulfilling conditions and are expected to perform optimally where identity of their goals insight are in question of ambiguity. In recent times, the world witnessed an increase in the number of people resigning from job positions that many deem valuable to re-evaluate their identify after years of self induced discomfort. This same befell the business community with a plethora of businesses crashing  because of a lack of clarity and alignment of ideas, values and business processes. 

“The shoes that do not fit” could also represent the resources one has available.  Does your business idea have the capacity for sustenance in a volatile market category? Do you believe that your academic journey will lead you to the career path you have longed for? How do you intend capitalizing on the existing to reach the results needed? The need to identify our present state of our values, identity unique processes so as to arrive at quality and high performing results in spheres of our life  is highly important to face the different capital environment. Many are biting much more than they can chew experiencing severe discomfort. To perform effectively in a business environment or at any dispensation at all, there must be clear value between the individual and the task in view. If there an absence of a value connection between an employee and an organization, there would be misplaced priorities hovering around without possible implementation processes approved. A value fit can be likened to wearing the right shoe size; complementing your values with that of your business or organization’s. 

Stop padding your feet with liniment when you could just buy the right shoe size but you just have to identify your right size.

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