Deji Jemiyo

You are not constrained by the reality of what it is; instead you are empowered by the possibilities of what could be.

DEJI JEMIYO is the co-founder of JEMAN, an Expert Project Management Company and founder of Diberr, a Collaborative Work Management Software. He is widely regarded as an agent of transformation and performance turnaround for individuals, projects, businesses, and government agencies.

Deji deploys his CAFE (Clarity, Alignment, Focus, Execution) model to help performance conundrums and enable breakthrough results. He is a sought-after trainer / consultant and has authored best-selling books on projects, business and career. Deji is a Civil Engineering graduate of University of Ibadan with several post graduate qualifications.

Prior to founding JEMAN, he worked as a Project Engineer with the project department of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) working on several Joint-Venture Projects with International Oil Companies (IOCs). Earlier in his career, Deji worked with Lagos Business School (LBS) and Access Bank (Nigeria)